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Thread: Troubleshoot/Repair or Replace 10+ year old Hague?

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    Default Troubleshoot/Repair or Replace 10+ year old Hague?


    Newcomer to the forum. Impressed by the knowledge and candor expressed by the regulars!

    I have really bad "hard water" build up on the shower glass and water fixtures throughout my recently purchased home.

    I inherited a Hague 13baq. I am guessing it is 10+ years old.

    The unit was inactive/unplugged (not bypassed) for quite some time.

    I recently restarted it (added salt) and the unit appears to be recharging. It is obvious, however, that I am still not getting "soft" water. I have also seen virtually no drop in salt levels for more than a month (no salt bridge)...

    More specifics:
    • "City Water" (it is well sourced nearby)
    • Home Occupants: 7
    • Water Usage: 11-14,000g/mo (466g/day average) peak is 1000g/day est.
    • 5.5 Baths
    • Very Heavy Laundry
    • Very Heavy Kitchen Usage
    • Water Pressure; Excellent 60psi+
    • Main Line Pipe Size: 1-1/4"
    • Current Hague Inlets: 1"

    Here is the water analysis from the city:

    Name:  2013-03-20_1401.png
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    My questions:
    1. Should I spend the time/energy to troubleshoot the Hague device given it's mfg and lack of information/parts?
    2. If yes, can someone recommend a good troubleshooting guide for Hague? Where can I source parts?
    3. If no, I am looking for help sizing/selecting a replacement system...
    4. What size system should I consider? (my math indicates 2.0+cuft)
    5. I am open to TWIN tanks. Should I consider (require)?
    6. Any strong preference of brand?
    7. Does my water analysis suggest any special "features" or prefilters?
    8. What about "turbolators" or special resins?

    My local water authority also suggested that my spotting problems could be created by SILICA or other "solids" that are "not removed" by a softener system. Can anyone comment on the truth in this statement??? Perhaps a combination of Salt Based Water Softening plus some other forms of filtration is required????

    EDIT: Water authority indicated that while SILICA is not analyzed in the above data, there is evidence that high amounts of SILICA are present in the system.

    Thanks a million in advance!
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