I have posted here before on my newly installed system and again thank you all for the help and advice.

I had a Alpine 150 boiler installed in my home at the recomendation of the plumber. I have done a heat load, as he did not, on the house 2 different ways. Using the "Fuel Used" method over several winter months, thank you again Dana, as well as the SlantFin program. I came out with something between 55-60K BTU.
So yes the boiler is way oversized. I have breen reading all I can and am trying to tweak the system for best efficiency as best I can given the oversizing.

As I dig further into my system and try and optimize its operation one thing I am looking at now is the zone pumps.
I have 4 zones each with its own Taco 007-F5-71FC. From the reading I have been doing It seems that these pumps are way oversized for the needed flow rates. Looking at the chart, if I read it correctly, my kitchen zone which is approx 70' of 3/4 with that pump is flowing at more than 11GPM using 6' head/100'
Is this correct? All the zone pumps are the same size. Is this really an issue thats worth pursuing?