I currently have hot water baseboard heat with two thermostats, one for the bedrooms zone and one for living room/kitchen zone. I elected to have the HVAC guy put a standard furnace in the attic when we put in A/C so that we could run heat from it too, plus it was only about 100 more plus running gas to it than just buying an air handler. He wants to just put in one thermostat for his system(a/c & furnace heat) and then leave the existing two thermostats just for the boiler heat. Would it be advisable to replace the two existing stats with stats that will run everything, hot water base board heat, attic a/c and furnace heat? I assume I will continue to use the hot water heat in the winter but if it ever went down it would be nice to have the backup system and just have two stats on the wall. Am I being to picky or should I just leave it as he says.

Thanks in advance.