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Thread: All Copper Water Heater?

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    Default All Copper Water Heater?

    Does anyone make a gas fired storage water heater, 50 gal, that has all copper internals and connections?

    I've had it with relying on galvanic unions and grounding wires. Sooner or later a water heater made from iron that is connected to a plumbing system that is otherwise all copper pipe and brass fittings starts corroding.

    Also, copper has a thermal conductivity that is roughly ten times that of iron, steel, and stainless steel.

    To this retired chemist, such a water heater ought to have a much longer lifetime. It ought to justify the higher price of copper with a longer amortization period. After all, that labor to construct a water heater must be a significant part of the overall cost of goods sold.



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    Way back when, there were some made that way...probably haven't been made with copper for 75-years or more, though. There are, I think, some with plastic or SS tanks (I know some indirect WH have SS tanks, cause I have one, not sure about those with burners). Scrap price on clean copper is around $5500/T, steel $225/T. That's a bit more than trivial.
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    The last time I saw an all copper water heater was a very long time ago in a summer cottage. The heat source was a kerosene pot burner. I don't think you want one of those.

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    At one time they made water heaters that would last for decades. The problem was they would fill up with limescale rendering them uselessly inefficient.

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