Do any of you have any expierence with TEC Power Grout?

I'm getting ready to grout a traditional shower I built and narrowed my 2 choices down to Laticret Permacolor or TEC Power Grout?

I know Epoxy is popular, but with very little grouting expierence, I'm going with 1 of the 2 cement type grouts mentioned. I've gotten plenty of good feedback on Permacolor which I'd use in a minute, but would have to order, which gets expensive. So I'm looking for opinions on Tec Power grout, which I can get at my local Lowes, as they no longer carry Laticrete.

If a DIY'er was to read all grout manufactures specs. stain resistant, color const, etc, TEC definitely has the best features excluding Epoxy types. They claim stain test show TEC Power Grout even more stain resistant than Spectralock? But then agin it's fairly new, and these are manufactures claims, but if it's anything like they say, it's got to be the best of all cement type grouts? But looking for real opinions, do any of you have expierence with this grout? As I realize Permacolor is good, as it's been around with many reviews, but TEC Power Grout hasn't been around that long for many reviews.

It would just be so much easier to go to Lowes and get this grout, vs. ordering Laticrete from who knows where? My project has gone well so far, and don't want a grout failure at this point. Thanks