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Thread: Let me try again....how can I plumb a hand held shower and overhead??

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    Default Let me try again....how can I plumb a hand held shower and overhead??

    I'm not too savvy on the multiport diverters, can someone clue me in? Can you control a shower head and a hand held individually AND separately with a 4 port diverter (both volume and temp)? I would like ONE control to take care of both shower heads, if possible. If not, I guess I will need two diverters. Any help guys??

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    Default Diverter Option

    The way I see it, if you want both the shower head & hand held sprayer to operate at the same time or if you want each one to operate independently, you will need to purchase a hand held sprayer that has a built in shut off button to stop the flow from it while shower head is in use.

    >Or, use a three way diverter piped in properly;

    1.) To control hand held sprayer
    2.) To Control shower head
    3.) To control both at the same time
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    Go to a good supply house. Or even HD. They have catalogs of these gizzmos AND installation diagrams. If you are going to have multiple heads operating together, you must plumb them with a pressure balancing loop or you will have problems. The various manufacturers provide these diagrams in their catalogs.


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