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Thread: Replacing/retrofitting an old wall mounted toilet

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    What you have is a wall hung flange for a wall mounting neopreme seal.
    Normally you would have a closet flange with ring for the closet bolts to cinch up to the bowl.

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    All averaged weight people in the house, but for some reason all 3 toilets tend to have a un-level feeling when seated. Figured if i was going to replace toilets and not go with a high end wall mount with in wall tank ($2000 + pet toilet) i would go the economic route and have the added security of the floor mount rear eject. This is a weekend home and want to put other rehab dollars elsewhere. More economic reason than weight concerns.

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    Fair enough. It's your home and if it makes you more comfortable, then that's what you should do!

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    I want to update you guys on what I've done. 3 months ago I replaced the handle on my 3.5gpf wall mount Yorkville with a BlueSource dual flush handle/fill/flush valve. I think it was using about 2.5 gallons on liquid waste and 3.5 gallons on normal waste. Seemed to work pretty well until it broke and started leaking. The flush valve goes around the old flush valve of the tank and is tightened with a zip tie. The zip tie broke (other reviewers mentioned the same thing). Luckily I heard the toilet right when it broke and noticed something was wrong before I lost much water. I could have tried to strap it again with another zip tie or use some other method but I decided it was not worth the risk so I returned the unit for a refund and purchased a Fluidmaster all in one replacement kit and pretty much replaced everything in the toilet.

    I had to take the tank out clean everything and replace the handle/fill valve/flush valve/flapper/tank to bowl gasket/screws/nuts/washers/gaskets/new supply hose etc. It was a lot of work (cleaning up behidn and around the toilet was time consuming) but now it has a really nice feel when I flush the toilet now (as opposed to the old ball thing that was attached to the original handle). I lowered the water level in the tank with the adjustable fill valve so I think the unit is using around 3 gallons per flush right now but everything looks a lot more durable than the dual flush kit I had installed previously. It is a shame because the dual flush kit could have been great if they used something better than a zip tie to secure the flush valve.

    I also got really lucky recently and found extra tiles in the crawl space that match the tiles currently in the bathroom. In the future I will look into removing the wall mount flange and move it to the floor so I can put in a regular Toto. Even if it takes me years to get to that point this toilet should now be reliable and slightly more efficient than before so I win either way. Thanks all.

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