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Thread: Hiring a bathroom renovation contractor - Top Ten Questions to ask!

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    Default Questions to ask a contractor - Interviewing a contractor

    I received an email the other day from a friend in Montreal who tells me that one of my articles I wrote for Houzz.com has been copied and uploaded to a local flooring company here in Vancouver. The post by a competitor of mine here locally brings up a really touchy subject. Is it OK to post other people's work on your web site or blog site? Are there rules for doing this? I'm not sure what I think about the practice and assume there is miles and miles of grey areas on the subject matter.

    The featured articles on Houzz.com are Houzz's articles not mine. I'm sure they will look into this for me and either the company responsible will give credit to Houzz and me or not. I really don't care since the article is a good one and does promote good shower building practices. But - what if I loose out on a job because someone hires a company beliveing my work and the work of my friends is in fact our competitors???

    This lead me to think of a new question to ask your contractors in a renovation.

    "Is the work showcased on your website, your portfolio, your Facebook page and blog your work?" - Seams like a simple question but I think an important question to ask.

    I have notice many Facebook pages using shower pictures I have seen online within the random posts. Two poster in particular I have noticed do this on a regular basis and never let those viewing the pictures know that the work was not done by them but in fact by another crew in another country! Scary.
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