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Thread: Portable dishwasher faucet adaptors

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    Default Portable dishwasher faucet adaptors

    I recently purchased a Kohler Triton faucet. My wife just realized that the hose to the dishwasher will not fit onto the new faucet. Do I just need to get a new aerator for the faucet, or is my problem more involved than that?

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    This may be totally impractical for you, but when I bought my house it came with one of those portable dishwashers. A weekend of my time and $30 in parts and it's now plumbed in and semi-permanent. One of the best home improvements I've done and I'd highly recommend it if it's practical for your space.

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    Take your aerator and the snap-on connection that came with the washer to the plumber and get a proper adapter.

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    Default Portable dishwasher adapter problem

    i have a portable dishwasher and i find i need a 55/64th male adapter to fit our faucet.Cant seem to locate one.Any Suggestions?I insatalled a single handle pullout faucet with thoughts of putting in an additional single valve where the sprayer used to be ,but it seems the only one i can find is made by Central Brass but it is designed for a hose fitting.Any ideas thanks,Dave

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    Question similar problem!!!

    I too just installed a new faucet. The one with a sprayer head, and pulls out. Then i was given a newer portable dishwasher, not realizing that the faucet and the dishwasher hose could not possibly fit together. I don't know how I could get these two things to fit, other than replacing the faucet! which i don't because it's so pretty and nice to use!! please fill me with your thoughts!

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    I do not know of any adapter that would work with a pull out faucet,for a
    portable dishwasher.

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    Default adapter

    Most hardware stores will have a box of different aerator adapters. You may need to put two together to get what you need, but it can be done. More important is whether the pull out hose will be able to handle the backpressure when the dishwasher valve closes. They are designed to handle the normal reduced pressure when the faucet is running, not full system pressure when the outlet is blocked.

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    I betting a puddle under the sink...


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