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Thread: shower trim compatibility question

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    Default shower trim compatibility question

    Hi all,

    So, I'm trying to replace my shower trim. I understand that the trim has to match the valve. Well, it turns out (unsurprisingly) I have some off brand builder grade valve, the Premier 118000 (http://www.premierfaucet.com/PDFs/118000Spec.pdf http://www.premierfaucet.com/PDFs/118000Parts.pdf). They seem to only make basically one trim kit for it, which is the one I want to replace, so that's no good.

    But some googling lead me here: http://www.terrylove.com/forums/arch...p/t-17748.html where someone mentioned that this valve is basically a Delta knockoff.

    So I'm wondering if anyone might know if there are any Delta trim kits that might be compatible?

    If the valve was giving me any sort of trouble I wouldn't hesitate to replace it with something better, but it's working fine, so I'd hate to have to replace the whole thing just to make a cosmetic update.

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    show us the trim plate, because I do not see and "anchor" tappings to secure it, or any Delta replacement.
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    I added the trim plate, plus another angle on the valve to show the bottom a little better.

    I think it maybe looks like a bit like the Delta 600 series?
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    Well, in case anyone comes looking with the same question, you can use the Pfister Universal kit (http://www.pfisterfaucets.com/Universal/Overview.aspx) -- but you have to improvise a little.

    Basically, the problem is the stem matches the Delta Monitor but the anchor tappings match the 600 series.

    So, use the D7 screw plate from the 600 series instructions. Skip 4A, the cap won't fit, you'll have to live with the existing cap, or if you're enterprising you can cut the D2 cap from the Monitor instructions down to size (take about 1/2" off the back; it won't go through the plate like it normally would). Then use the D3 stem adaptor for the monitor series.

    It's not perfect, but it's better than what I had!

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