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Thread: 2 inch pipe to P Trap

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    Default 2 inch pipe to P Trap

    I have a 2 inch horizontal drain line running through the wall cavity that I want to
    turn out for a bath sink. Just found out they don't make 2 inch trap adapters.

    My thoughts are to downsize to 1-1/2 pipe in the wall cavity,
    then use a 90 degree for the turn and then use a 1-1/2 trap adapter.

    Is there a better way?

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    It would be helpful to see what you are dealing with, particularly what else is connected to the drain and where the vents are or will be.

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    Your idea is correct, but whether you can, or should, connect to that "drain line" is open for debate since we know NOTHING about it. Normally you would NOT be permitted to do it without additional design and piping work.
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