Hey folks,

I like to think I can do things myself but I am kind of stuck and not much of a plumber so here I am...the grasshopper!!! LOL

I have a kitchen sink that has been starting to drain slowly, but never actually clogs. Now when I am running water constantly, like when doing dishes, it will form a small pool in the drain itself and it will backup into the garbage disposal side of the sink...but it keeps draining and really never gets any more backed up then that.

So I figured I would buy one of those long things with the "teeth" on it and push down my drain and that would catch onto the mass and drag it out. Nothing, it hits nothing, So tonight I pull the curved part of the trap (p-trap I guess or u-trap) and guess what...nothing in it!!! So, I took that long thing with the teeth on it and pushed it as far down as I could into the larger drain line and nothing again. Obviously the line between the disposal is clear because water backs up into from the other side of the sink and I checked it to be sure.

So my question is, what do I do now??? Sure, I could call the plumber to come run a snake but for that price I could get my own $200.00 electric snake a Lowe's and keep it for life!

Just for FYI...this is a condo townhouse. Nothing else in the condo is clogged or having draining problems...only the kitchen sink. I also only see one clean=out for the whole place and that is in the garage. I will post a pic below and maybe someone can tell me if that is what I think it is?

Here is a pic below my kitchen sink and everything is clear into the main downward pipe.

Now, here is what I presume is the "main" clean out in the garage???

Anyhow, all suggestions welcome. Would love to get this fixed before it becomes a full blown clog. Thank you ;-)

peace out,