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Thread: Well pump electrical setup

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    Default Well pump electrical setup

    Hi guys. There's a bit of a background to what I'm hoping to accomplish, but I'll try to keep it to the point. My wife and I bought a house about a year ago and the 6" casing well was nearly unusable. The well only supplied about 30 gallons per day, so the previous owners installed a 300 gallon storage tank in the basement. They would need to get a load of water with a portable tank to fill the storage tank every few days. We had to do the same when we bought the house. The way the system works is the submersible well pump pumps the water into the storage tank, which is then pumped from the storage tank to the pressure tank via a jet pump. We had a new 12" casing well drilled in the fall (still low yield, but we don't need to bring in water anymore). What I'd like to do is hardline straight from the well to the pressure tank the way it should be, but also leave the option of switching over to the storage tank if needed. I have the plumbing part mostly figured out, but I can't wrap my head around the wiring for this. Currently, the storage tank has a float switch governing when to turn the well pump on which is wired into a Pumptec. The jet pump has a pressure switch mounted on it serviced by a direct 12-2 line. I plan on adding a pressure switch onto the tank tee (which would take responsibility of the pressure for the hardline setup). I have a 30amp double-pole double-throw switch Id like to use to select which switch (the float switch or the new pressure switch) is going to be used to control the well pump turning on and off.
    The most I was able to think of so far is the following diagram (Im not an electrician by any means, so I may be completely wrong). There are also a few pictures below to see what the setup is like. I also need to look into removing that voltmeter sticking out the side of the Pumptec . I can provide more details and pictures if you need.

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