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Thread: low voltage remote control dimmer

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    Default low voltage remote control dimmer

    I am hoping that someone knows of a dimming system that will work for me... I built a bookcase and am in the process of planning a low voltage lighting system. There will be 3 separately controlled items -- There will be four LED strips that will be dimmed together. Next, there are two low voltage cans that need to be dimmed together. And finally, a single low voltage can that needs to be dimmed all by itself.

    I already have the transformer but now I am looking for a multi-channel low voltage remote control system that will accomplish what I've described. I have searched around and I seem to be having some trouble finding this. The multi channel dimmers all seem to be configured so they control a multi-colored LED strip. But that is different than what I need.

    The guts of the system will be placed above the cabinet, behind the crown moulding -- I mention this because there may not be a direct line of sight for a remote signal. It is my understanding that a radio frequency remote will work in this case.

    Thank you in advance.

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    I hope you know that LED strips do not need a transformer, but rather a driver.

    They need smooth DC, the details of which are beyond my ability to describe. Obviously they are readily available.

    What you are looking for sounds VERY custom and I will be surprised if you find what you need in a catalog.

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    You may want to use a dimmer like this one ;


    It is good for 8 amps Max. at 12-24 Volts DC. Rectify the AC output of your transformer. Jameco sells rectifiers.

    Then you could use a X10 or similar RF remote for control.

    Jameco also sells parts to make Robots , So that books can be selected and brought to your arm chair.

    All you would need then is a Membership to Weight Watchers.

    Theory only works perfect in a vacuum.

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