Hi all,
Doing some layout work on a remodel for later this year. One of the options we like has the double vanity moving where our existing tub is.

Second floor, and I'd rather not pull the ceiling down on the ground floor if I can avoid it. Attic above and we're pulling the bathroom down to the studs, so in wall rough in should be no problem.

Since the tub drain is in the floor and not the wall, is there any way I can use it for both sinks while avoiding an S trap configuration? The tub vent is in the back wall and could easily be extended to cover two sinks separately or together, but the actual drain is in the floor with a joist preventing me from easily moving it to the wall as well.

I keep looking through books and internet and get a lot pictures of S traps and of all the plumbing in the wall.

Here's a crude picture of what I had in mind.
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Thanks for any advice,