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Thread: Need help choosing a dual flush toilet

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    Default Need help choosing a dual flush toilet

    Looking for:
    Dual flush
    Skirted bottom
    Elongated Seat

    Sounds like Toto is a big favorite here, but it just seems too tall for my very short family and I know I will be uncomfortable.
    Current toilet is 14.5" and I'm happy with that.

    So I'm looking for the above options in something shorter.

    I don't want to get something so obscure that it will break or no one ever heard of it, or some cheapo brand made in China, but most of these brands are all new to me so I can't tell...

    Kohler Saile sits 15" off the floor but I've read so many negative things here.
    Coroma caravelle sits 14.75" off the floor but mixed reviews, and has a "round front plus", so not sure I will be happy with the configuration.
    Fresca Delphinus sits 15.5" off the floor.
    Fresca Serina sits 15.2" off the floor.
    Ariel Monterey sits 15.6" off the floor.

    Opinions on these?
    Should I look more for a shorter seat like this?

    Thank you.

    Added Persuade

    Kohler Saile
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