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Thread: pump configuration?

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    Default pump configuration?

    Pump Model # Goulds Pump 7GS05412 / Franklin Motor 2145059004
    Three wire - 12 awg.
    Wire Length: ~65’ in the water well itself.
    Size of Pump: 1/2 HP, 5.0 Amp
    Date Pump Installed: unknown – I’ve owned the house for 7 yrs
    Depth of well: unknown – pump is 65’ down
    Depth to water: 15’ below ground
    Pump Setting: don’t know what this means.
    Drop Pipe: 1” Poly
    House pipe: 1" PVC
    Well Recovery Rate___unkown____gpm
    Well Casing Diameter__unknown_____”
    Rock Well__unknown________ Sand Well__________ Other______________
    Date Well Drilled: unknown – likely 50+ years
    Well Casing Material - unknown
    Pressure Tank - 86 gallon, pre-charged, 40/60.

    All - I'm replacing the well pump described above. I purchased a slightly larger pump (Ace model 45657, 3/4HP, 10GPM) since I just upgraded from a 20-gallon tank to an 86-gallon tank. However, I mistakenly purchased a 2-wire replacement pump, not realizing my old pump was 3-wire. There is a control box located between the pressure switch and the pump - Franklin model model #2801054915. The control box is rated for 1/2 HP.

    Question 1 - Am I ok using the existing 1" poly drop pipe with the 3/4HP pump, or do I need to install a wider (1.25") drop pipe?

    Question 2 - can I use the pump I purchased by wiring directly from the pressure switch (in other words, bypass the control box)? Is there an advantage/disadvantage to this configuration?

    Question 3 - If the answer to question 2 is NO, then I'm assuming I'll have to return the motor and (a) purchase a 3-wire model; and (b) purchase a 3/4HP-rated control box - yes?

    Question 4 - I have a check valve installed on the well side of the tank, approx. 25' from the well head. Is this sufficient, or do I need a check valve installed on the drop pipe?

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