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Thread: Having issues with acrylic bathtubs - on my third tub and still problems

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    Default Having issues with acrylic bathtubs - on my third tub and still problems

    I am doing renovations on my house and am remodeling the bathroom. I was anxious about having a 'plastic' tub, so I opted to go to a well known plumbing supply house and get their house-brand bathtub. It is 'solid acrylic' backed with fiberglass. The plumber commented 'this is a good tub!' before installing it.

    The first tub had draining problems. Water would immediately rush to the right side of the tub, and some would just stay pooled in the corner. I contacted the manufacturer and received another tub under warranty.

    The second tub came. The plumber unwrapped the box and found dimples in the finish, and said it would also have draining problems. I leveled the tub and put a rag under the drain and found that it drains better, but not perfect. I contacted the supply house and was given the option of a repair or replacement (and they even covered some of the labor). Their advice was to try a different model, apparently the model I got has problems with draining and they are working through bugs in the mold. They said they stand behind their product, and many people who work there use this brand tub.

    The third tub came - same brand, different model. I had it installed, and lo and behold, it pools water in the corner. I sent pictures to the supply house, who said 'after reviewing with another associate, we don't see it as a problem, but we will support your decision either way.' I poured some red juice in the water, and the sitting water covers the entire corner from the edge of the drain to the wall of the tub. It will obviously cause issues with staining/cleanliness, and should not be this way for a $500-$600 bathtub.

    This weekend I investigated further. The 'ledges' of the tub are not straight. The back side is, but as you go forward it seems to bow to the outside. The front ledge is completely bowed, high in the center and low at the outside edges. If the bottom follows this same profile, it is no wonder it does not drain. It does not seem feasible to try to bend the tub into a level plane - the material is very thick. Furthermore I am having the walls tiled and this will likely show up against the straight lines of the 12x24 (brick lay) tile.

    I don't know what to do. I am a single guy and just bought my first (SMALL 3BR) house. I have 2 big bathtubs in my living room and one in my bathroom. I have been without a bathroom now for 2 1/2 months. The builder is getting annoyed because he wants to move on and his schedule is getting interrupted, and the supply house is seemingly getting annoyed at the constant problems.Name:  tub puddle.jpg
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    I appreciate any advice you might have to offer. I am starting to feel overwhelmed.
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