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Thread: Looking for people in Western WA dealing with Flushmate Recall

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    Default Looking for people in Western WA dealing with Flushmate Recall

    My name is Richard Thompson I am a reporter with KIRO-TV in Seattle. I'm trying to find folks in Western Washington (preferably from Olympia to Seattle) who are dealing with or have dealt with the Flushmate III recall. Does anybody know someone in Washington state who had a toilet equiped with this system that actually exploded ? We have also heard that the retrofit kit that is being sent to consumers is complicated (for many consumers) and many folks have ended up calling plumbers to fix the issue?

    Thank you for your time I appreciate the help.

    Richard Thompson
    South Sound Bureau Chief
    email: rthompson@kirotv.com
    cell 206-718-9610

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    I've been selling the Flushmate since 1996
    I talked to the folks at Sloan Flushmate about it. They say there was a very small number of returns for that. Very very small.
    I do recall replacing an old tank about eight years ago, that had split at the seam. If the seam splits and releases slowly, then it's just a leaking tank. Their complaint was that it was no longer holding water.

    Sloan started putting a pressure regualator on the 2008 and newer tanks.


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