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Thread: Rheem RTGH-95DVP

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    Default Rheem RTGH-95DVP

    I just ordered a Rheem RTGH-95DVP and today was doing some prep work and noticed that my propane gas line comming into the house is 1/2" and the connection on the water heater is 3/4". Does anyone know if this is going to be a problem? I have 2 gas furnaces and have plenty of gas presssure to run both at the same time.

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    The tankless may demand more gas than both of those furnaces combined! You need to add up the BTU's required for all of the devices, and then you can go to a gas pipe sizing chart to determine what size the supply requires. But, as a guess, if they include a 3/4" inlet, my guess is that they expect that size pipe. The length of the pipe also plays into the required size. The instructions should define what is required for inlet supply line...do not shortchange it, or the performance will suffer badly when all are calling for heat at the same time.
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    I have that exact Heater except it is natural gas and has the Wai Wela Paloma Label but the innnerds are exact. This heater needs 199,000 BTU's of fuel for it to run. You will not get that from a 1/2 inch line. You need a "Dedicated" 3/4 inch conduit from your gas supply to the heater, with the appropriate pressure and flow. If the gas inlet pressure is too low, all you will have is major problems with the unit short cycling and multiple error codes. These are NOT conventional heaters and the install has to be exact!!! Do not shortchange on the fuel supply, or the vent connections. Do your homework with respect to your specific installation and you will be very happy with this unit. I have had mine in place for a year and it has been flawless. Juat a few words of good advice.....

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