Today we had to have a plumber out for the second time in less than 2 months to unclog our main drain to the street. This time he turned off all the water and with his camera, determined that the problem is that our pipes have leveled and our low flow toilets do not flush enough water to push solids to the street. So, it just sits there and builds up.

He suggested we install Mansfield toilets which he could then convert so they would flush 3 gallons.

I have been searching the web for any information on conversion kits but have only found converting 3gpf to 1.6gpf which is not what we need.

Researching Mansfield toilets led me here and I am VERY discouraged by all the negative posts I have read about these toilets.

I would greatly appreciate any advice you could over as the second opinion we got involves jack hammering out the concrete around our toilets and running new pipe to the street.