My wife is opening a grooming salon and we are trying to get it done as cheaply as possible. We are at the point where we need to install the freestanding bathtub. What I expected to be a simple task I am now not so certain of. As a nmatter of fact I can even figure out where to turn the water off at on this commercial space. I do expect to manage shutting off the water in short order but am not sure about the plumbing connections.

I was told this space was used as a small restaurant, and that the pipes coming out of the wall were a mixture of gas and water/drain pipes. Name:  DSC06935.jpg
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I am under the belief that what I am looking at is hot and cold water outlet with a 2" drain pipe directly under, I have this setup times two. If I am correct that this is a drain pipe is it reasonable to expect there must be a vent in the wall for this drain? Can I expect to be able to just attach to this drain without any issue? If I remove the caps from what I expect are water outlets can I expect them to be threaded or will it be bare copper pipe?

Please excuse my ignorance in this matter, I am appreciative of any insight anyone can provide. I will be sure to respond with updates!