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Thread: Shluter floor pan question.

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    Default Shluter floor pan question.

    I am building a walk in shower that measures 56x46 with a ft wide bench along the back wall. This gives me a floor that is 56x34. I bought a 48x48 shluter presloped floor and have cut enough away so that it is 48x34. This means i have to fill in each end about 4 inches. The sluter directions say do this with mortar, but, I was wondering if i could just use the strips of the floor pan I cut off to fill this in? I was thinking I could butter them up with mortar and stick them in place. I think it would work fine, but, was concerned they might move around a bit. Has anyone done this, or should I just head back to the building supply store nd buy a bag of mortar nd do it the right way?

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    It's normally easier to just use deck mud. You may have difficulty getting the slope proper when using cutoffs, but other than that, if you thinset them in place, it should work as long as your slope is correct. By cutting the pan asymmetrically, you now will have an uneven perimeter around the shower. Functionally, it will work fine, aesthetically, you may not like it. It's best, when you can't modify a preformed pan symmetrically, to make one out of deckmud.
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    yeah, i realized that after i cut it, but it shouldn't be too noticable. afterwards, i realized i could have ordered a pre-made one that would have been close to a perfect fit. i think it was 60x36. Will probably just go with mud.

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