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Thread: Replacing 1950s tub fixture -- advice on selection and installation

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    Default Replacing 1950s tub fixture -- advice on selection and installation

    After too many years of banging my head against this 3-handle bathtub/shower fixture, I think I'm ready to just replace it. There's a closet on the other side, so I'm assuming that I can just tear out the back of the closet and have easy access to the shower plumbing. But what to replace it with?

    Any sage advice on selecting a decent (and not ludicrously expensive) replacement, preferably one that uses all three existing holes? Is this Moen 3-handle job (or something like it) a good idea? [edit: whoa, I see that a related fixture has terrible customer reviews.] Any ballpark guess on cost (or hours) for me to have a professional plumber install it, if I take care of opening up the wall? I think I could probably do it myself, but maybe this is one of the jobs where it's worth it for me to avoid the headache and let the professionals handle it?
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