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Thread: is liquid in tank cleaner like Ty D Bol bad for toilets?

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    Default is liquid in tank cleaner like Ty D Bol bad for toilets?

    I know this is probably a really dumb question but I have been asked it a lot. is liquid in tank cleaner like Ty D Bol bad for toilets?

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    Anything you install in the tank that dispenses its contents into the tank is likely not good for the rubber components. Not sure exactly what's in that, but anything that contains bleach will render the rubber components (the flapper valve, and maybe other things) into slimy crud in short order. One company makes a system that mounts in the tank, but goes in series with the bowl refill hose, and dumps it down the overflow rather than the tank. That shouldn't mess with the tank's rubber components, but will sit in the bowl until the next flush.
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    Every manufacturer advises against cleaners that are dispensed in tanks for the exact reason Jim explained.

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    Everything they say above is true. I just looked at the TyDBowl MSDS and it looks as if it contains mostly detergent and dispersants; no mention of chlorine, which is the real bugaboo for rubber. That said, the other junk isn't likely to actually help the components even if it doesn't harm them as clearly as chlorine does.

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    Thanks, I won't be making that mistake again anytime soon.

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    If you read the paperwork that comes with the toilet it states use if in tank cleaners voids mfgr. warranty.

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