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Thread: HELP!!! I'm about to give up!! Need a 60x30 tub.

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    My apologies, SMART.
    No problem (NP)

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    Are you looking for just the tub or the tub and the surround?
    If you want the surround as well, Sterling makes sets.


    I liked the look of the Accord model #71240118-0
    I believe that tub is 17" deep though. It is made of Vikrell so it is lower weight. I'm not sure what the "Age in Place Backers" are. There is a cheaper model of the same tub without that feature.

    For just the bathtub, Sterling has 29" to 30" wide models

    Maybe a little more info would help. Just how deep do you want the tub? Is it an alcove tub or free standing? Do you want one that drops in or that has a skirt?

    There seem to be a lot of options. I'm currently trying to select a shower/tub combo as well.

    Good luck!
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