I have done the math but I want to make sure that I am in the right neighborhood in setting my new unit up, so please let me know if there is anything that I should change...still getting my head wrapped around the dosage etc...Here are my particulars...

1.5 cuft setup w/ ws1
3/4" city water feed into house
12gpg hardness
sfr- need to figure out
2 adults and 2 almost teenagers, Yikes
Using 60gallons per day per person, I need to look at my bill could be higher/lower but a starting point

Doing the math I come up with 2880/daily with 23040/week with one day reserve.

For this unit they list the factory default settings as: salt eff - 6# - 24,200, factory setting 9# - 32,000, and max 16# - 43000

Based on my numbers I am thinking I will go with the 6# salt eff dosage, and overide the number of days and set to 8.

That is what I think I need to do but open for someone to show me what I am missing something or offbase...Thanks in advance!