I just hooked up my toilet. It is a Brasscraft valve and I used a solid pipe to connect the toilet. I haven't done this before. I seated the solid pipe into the the valve with the ferrel until it stopped and hand tighetened. I tightened it more with a wrench until it was tight....I didn't over tighten it by putting a lot of pressure. I snugged it up good. I turned the water on and had a very slow leak. I left the water on and did many series of a little turns until the slow leak stopped. I am guessing that I turned the nut about two times until the water FINALLY stopped leaking.....I was concerned I was going to strip the threads, but didn't.

IS THIS NORMAL??...to have to tighten this much?? The guy at Home Depot said I will have to put some force on it as I am deforming the ferrel...and yes, I do think this Home Depot guy knows what he is talking about as opposed to others LOL!!! I just want another opinion.