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Thread: 115 volt Vs 230 volt

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    Default 115 volt Vs 230 volt

    I am going to install a 1/2 HP 4" pump in my well. Can anyone tell me the pros and cons to 115 volt Vs 230 volt.


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    Go 230V and don't even worry about 115V.

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    Wire sizing is the only difference in ....230 draws 1/2 the amps. Most people don't fool with 115 but either will work just fine. One other note that I just recently discovered....you can run a Grundfos 3" 1/2 hp 115 volt on a little Honda EU2000 inverter generator....you cannot run a normal 115 volt 1/2 motor on a small generator. I have a Vector 1000 watt running 2000 watt surge 12 volt inverter on the service truck for running small hand tools, and I can actually run the grundfos on that.....I was amazed.

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    The only time we install a 115 volt pump is when we do a jet to submersible conversion and the homeowner won't get an electrician in to upgrade the circuit to 230 volts.

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    "Reduced-voltage starters may not be required if the maximum recommended cable length is used. With maximum recommended cable length there is a 5% voltage drop in the cable at running amps, resulting in about 20% reduction in starting current and about 36% reduction in starting torque compared to having rated voltage at the motor. This may be enough reduction in starting current so that reduced-voltage starters are not required." Franklin AIM manual

    You would be surprised how the above helps when running from a generator. You can start much larger pumps with a generator if you don't "up-size" the wire. Also starting the pump against a closed valve greatly reduces the starting current. So using the "longest length of the smallest wire possible" plus starting the pump against a closed valve will reduce the inrush current so a smaller generator can start a regular pump.

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