Still need to get my current numbers I have a sears (yeah I know) softener that I am going to be replacing, actually it has served me well but its not on demand and uses salt and water, its almost 20years old....I have re-built it several I know about not being able to get parts on the net for the clack but I can purchase one locally, looking at an aquapure cws- series of softener which I believe uses the clack head but just trying to get opinions on that vs a 5600sxt setup from a reputable company (looking at CAI technologies).

It appears that I can order parts from aquapure if my local supply house goes away but I haven't verified that, I know I oculd get fleck parts just about anywhere.

My home is is 3/4" copper main into the house on city water. 2 adults 2 almost teenagers, 3 baths although one bath is in the basement and not used hardly at all.

Just wanted to get some opionions and see if I missed anything, or things to think about, thanks.

I just looked at a rebuild video for the clack head that dittohead posted, and man looks very easy to work on....hmmm, looks very nice..