I知 pretty much at my wits end. I renovated my shower and used a new rough in single handle shower valve from American Standard. The shower (head removed from arm for troubleshooting) drips at a rate of 1 drop every 2 seconds. Where this gets difficult is I have replaced the cartridge 3 times and the pressure balance valve twice. All of these parts are AS parts and the last cartridge was pressure tested by AS before they sent it to me. None of these parts have made any change in the leak. I知 beginning to think that the housing is bad but it痴 new so what could be bad? Has anyone encountered this before? I知 at a point where I知 thinking of replacing the entire valve assembly but this will require breaking into the tile which makes me sick. Looking into the valve body with a flashlight doesn't reveal any damage or really anything that seems a concern.

Any ideas?