I received a well water test back and was surprised at a few findings.

The findings are:

Calcium 8.42 mg/L
Calcium Hardness 21 mg CaCO3/L
Magnesium 1.79 mg/L
Sodium 150 mg/L

Alkalinity 270 mg CaCO3/L
pH 8.46
TDS 375 mg/L

Iron was not detected.

2 values that I did not get tested but will now get tested are chlorides and sulfate.
I will update when I receive them.

What I would like to do is to lower the little hardness there is, lower the sodium, and once tested lower the sulfates.

What I would like have is a mixed bed system that regenerates with Potassium Chloride.

There is someone in the house on a sodium restricted diet and we would like to move away from the expense of bottled water.

Thank You,