Hi everyone my name is Eric. First time posting here although I have been on the site many times reading. I live in Minnesota.

Anyways, I'm currently working on roughing in for a 3 piece bath in the basement. The house was built in 1916 I believe. It has extra heavy cast iron drain pipes currently. I'm looking at replacing a 6' or so chunk of the cast iron with PVC and using No hub couplers to attach the PVC to the cast iron. I believe I will use Mission P400 specialty band seal clamps to go from the 4" Xh cI to the 4" PVC replacement sections. From there, I plan on using various sized wye fittings to split off for my shower, toilet and vanity as well as to hook up to the kitchen sink drain line that connects into the section I'll be replacing. 2" no hub couplers to attach the kitchen cast iron line and the laundry cast iron line. I attached a diagram of my plan and I would appreciate any comments or concerns with my plan. I believe I wont need to add any vents as the vanity run and shower run will be under 5" from the main line and will be 2". Is this correct? The toilet will also be well under 6' from the main line. Thanks, Eric

I'll have to upload my diagram from home later tonight