Hi All,

I'm awaiting delivery of a new dishwasher, and was looking to see what I would need to make the swap. Instructions for the new one call for a 3/8" OD supply line. When I looked under the sink, I found that coming up from the floor are what I believe to be 1/2" CPVC lines. Hot side is topped with a Brass Craft stop, which is then immediately topped with a brass tee that sends a 1/4" PEX straight up to the faucet, and another 1/4" PEX to the left for the DW. (Photo attached).

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Is 1/4" PEX normal for a kitchen sink faucet supply? Seems too small?

Is there any easy way to tell what the size of the outlet side of the top is? If it is 3/8, then I presume I could get a 3/8 x 3/8 x 1/4 tee and leave the faucet at 1/4 while upsizing the DW line. But if that outlet is only 1/4, would I be stuck with having to replace the stop? THAT would make me nervous, as this is coming up from a slab and I DEFINITELY do not want to break anything near the concrete level, especially since the old DW worked fine with everything as-is ... so, maybe I'm just making unnecessary work?

Any advice appreciated!