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Thread: A new rough-in valve thats deeper than the old

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    Default A new rough-in valve thats deeper than the old

    I purchased a new kohler k-304 rough-in valve that has the water supply inlets deeper (when installed to the correct depth) than my existing valve. Is there an easier way to install this or do I have to move all this copper pipe back?

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    Furr the wall out? It's exceedingly rare to be able to change out a shower valve without also reworking the supply piping.

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    IT depends on HOW much deeper it has to be. There is some latitude in the "proper depth" dimension so you have to do some homework to determine whether the trim will fit at the shallower dimension. IF not they you either have to move the pipes or the finished wall surface. From the picture, it appears that revising the water lines to accommodate the new valve would be quite easy. You should not even have to do anything to the two riser pipes.
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