Just to remind folks, I am doing a complete-gut remodel of my 1957 house. I plan to complete the framing changes this Spring, and be ready to call in the plumber around Memorial Day. Those with supreme memories will recall that my little house will have a few unique twists to the plumbing.

I have decided to go with a tank-less water heater and small-diameter PEX (from a manifold) for the hot water. Simply put, most of my appliances will need very little water flow, and the smaller PEX will mean quicker hot water with less waste. The one big exception will be the walk-in tub, which will want LOTS of hot water when I (occasionally) use it.

Fancier tank-less units will adjust the burner to match the flow, from "cigarette lighter' to 'blowtorch,' as needed. Thus, they can handle low-flow and big flow situations with ease. No need to keep a 100-gallons of hot water sitting around, or spending for a commercial-duty / quick recovery unit.
That's why I think I'll go tank-less.

Now ... the $2000 question: Is Rinnai worth the premium price? Or, should I just let the plumber drop in whatever he wants? I mean, while we all want to save money ... I notice that Yugo is gone and BMW is still around. Hmmm.

So, what do you guys think? While Rinnai has the Ad budget, I'd like to hear about the other makers as well.