Just wanted to contribute some new important information about recently manufactured Fleck 7000 control valves which may or may not be a widespread problem. I forget the manufacture date on my valve but I installed it about a month ago and the serial number indicated a fairly recent date. I can check the date if people are interested.

The Problem:

I had recently noticed that the brine tank was filling up completely between regenerations when there should only be a few gallons of water in the tank with my 8 minutes of fill time. My salt usage had also been extremely high. Upon further inspection, I disconnect the brine line at the brine tank and placed it in a bucket. After a few hours with the control valve in the normal operating sequence (no regeneration queued) , the bucket had approx. 0.5-1.0 gallons of water in it.

This means the brine valve was slowly leaking water into the brine line when the control valve is in normal service mode. This also explained why my brine tank if filling completely between regenerations and why I observed my brine tank float has been pushed up to close the valve on the float assembly.

The Solution:

I contacted the distributor and they said Fleck was already aware of the problem. Apparently there was some manufacturing defect and Fleck is getting ready to do a recall. Fleck is about 6-8 weeks out from shipping replacement valves


I hope this info is useful to people getting ready to buy or install new Fleck 7000 valves. I read a lot of good info on this site which helped me with my purchase, install, and setup of my new softener and just wanted contribute something back.