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Thread: Bathroom Remodel - When do I bring the plumber in?

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    Default Bathroom Remodel - When do I bring the plumber in?

    My 1940 house was built with a very rough bathroom in the basement. In a corner it currently has a commode bolted to the cement wall, a shower/floor drain that has been converted to a shower, and a drain for the washing machine and utility sink. All the existing drain connections are within about 6-8 inches of the cement wall, and the main soil stack is about 7 feet away on the adjacent wall.

    I plan to frame in and insulate the two exterior walls, which will take about 6 inches of space (depends on exactly how I insulate), and then enclose the bathroom and utility room with new interior walls. This means all the existing drains will be too close to the insulated exterior wall. I also need an additional drain so that I can add a vanity in the bathroom. Every drain in the floor will have to be moved, but probably only about a foot in one direction or the other. The bathroom will have a commode, shower and vanity, and I need washing machine and utility sink drains for the adjacent utility room.

    Should I frame in the walls before I bring the plumber in to plan the drains the cuts in the concrete? We could work off my drawings now to estimate the plumbing fixture locations, but having the walls up would make it easier to know exact drain locations. However, having the walls in place would give less room for the concrete cutters and the plumber to work.


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    quote; However, having the walls in place would give less room for the concrete cutters and the plumber to work.

    Exaactly, and if you install the walls the plumber will just have to remove them. He will NOT "work around them" unless you want to pay a lot more for the job. Call the plumber after you have your locations but before you do ANYTHING else. He will be "first" in the process.
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    At most, draw layout lines on the floor where you intend the walls and fixtures to be. Square everything as if you were building the walls, as there will be little room for error later. Knowing how you intend the finish the walls and floor will be helpful in determining the correct height for drains and position of the closet flange.

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