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Thread: Motion detector wiring

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    Default Motion detector wiring

    In a one story home, if I want to install motion detector in couple of room, how hard is it? Also I am planning to add some undercabinet light and I would like to add additional outlet? is it possible, if so can some please let me know the process to pre-wire for motion detector and adding outlets.

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    You can buy a motion dectector which installs in place of a plain light switch. Make sure to read up and understand the subtle difference between occupancy sensor and vacancy sensor. Also, make sure that the detector you purchase is compatible with the lights which will be in the room....i.e. CFL, tube fluorescent, LED, etc....because some are and some are NOT>

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    That is such an open ended question that it's hard to give any definitive response! It's almost like asking how do I fix my car without saying what the symptoms are or what kind it is...

    Yes, all of those things you mentioned are possible. Whether it will be easy or hard just depends. Whether you can do it without tearing up the walls and ceiling depends on your skill level, tools available, and what's there now. The undercabinet lighting complexity would depend on whether the things are line voltage, low voltage, and whether you want a separate switch (or use a built-in one) or if you want to be able to dim them. So many choices, very different products and install requirements.
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    THEre is no way we would attempt to TEACH you basic wiring over the Internet with a couple of E-mails or postings.
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