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Thread: leaking tub

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    Default leaking tub

    Hello everyone I need some help. I NEED . FIX MY BATHROOM ASAP. I dont have the funds to hire someone so I need help on how to do it myself. My shower leaks when its in use. I noticed it one day when I was about to shower. I turn on the faucet and behind it it starts leaking then I turn on the showerhead and not as much water comes out amd the faucet is leaking more. There I also water coming throught the tiles and the wall. Tell me how to fix this please.

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    Your question is so open ended, it's as if I asked you to fix my car that doesn't run, and I had no idea what kind, or anything else about it!

    A picture might start to help. Water leaking from behind the wall could be oh so many things from a broken fitting, a pipe with a hole in it, a loose connection, and probably a bunch of other things.

    SO, a picture, then someone can possibly direct you to disassemble it enough to maybe isolate where the leak is actually coming from, then how to fix it.

    Does it leak when filling the tub, or only when you use the diverter to take a shower? Does it leak when the valves are off?
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    There are so many possibilities based on your description that we have no idea where to start.
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