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Thread: Did I buy the right the right rough in valve & trim??

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    Default Did I buy the right the right rough in valve & trim??

    Hello, new member here but I've been lurking for a month or so.

    I'm remodeling the guest bathroom, I tore out the old tub & I am replacing it with a 3' X 5' shower stall. We're planning for a fixed shower head on the front wall over the valves & an additional, Rain shower head centered on the stall overhead.

    On the advice of a local plumber I ran new 3/4" copper services from the main's, but the rough in valve I bought is 1/2". Its the only rough in valve that I could find that was a combo Thermostatic / 3 function diverter valve, but from all I can gather it only comes in 1/2"

    Trim & Handles

    Moen T4111 BN Kingsley Moentrol Shower Valve with Built-in Three Function Transfer Valve Trim - Brushed Nickel

    Rough in Valve

    Moen 3330 Moentrol Three Function Transfer Valve (1/2" CC)

    My biggest question is, if I reduce my 3/4" services to 1/2" at the valve, will I have enough water pressure to run both shower heads.

    The 3/4" to 1/2" reducer would be within 6" of the rough in valve, in order to get as much 3/4" volume & pressure as close to the valve as possible.

    I've been looking for a 3/4" to 1/2" reducer that I could sweat directly to the rough in valve, but all I can come up with so far is the standard 3/4" X 1/2" reducer coupling.

    Thanks, Lee

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    1/2 copper: The flow rate is about 7.5 to 10gpm Plenty for up to 3 low flow shower heads. Restrictions in the heads are 2.5gpm is I remember correctly. Pressure can vary due to many factors. If you have good pressure, you should have plenty of flow for two heads running concurrently.

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