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Thread: Contractor Flashed Windows improperly: How bad is this?

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    Angry Contractor Flashed Windows improperly: How bad is this?

    I told the contractor over many phone calls and emails to follow proper flashing techniques and to use Tyvek System. He agreed in writing. However, I just got the pictures and he completely ignored what I told him. Of course he immediately put up the siding before he sent me over the pictures. I'm in another state so I can't be onsite. Take a look at the pictures and tell me how much of a mess this is. Should I make him take off the siding and redo it?
    From what I can see these are the errors in the flashing

    1. He flashed the Wrapping instead of attaching the tape directly to the substrate and folding the wraping over it.
    2. The flashing on the bottom should have started on the vertical jambs. Instead they just crossed them.
    3. Unclear if he flashed or put in sill for positive drainage? Probably not given the other mistakes.
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    Wambat.....That doesnt even look like the tyvek flashing too me.What i have always used is white. Tyvek flashing the sill material is different than the side and top material. Sill material goes on first...before installing the window. It is stretchy...It is applies to the inside sill then stretched over and down onto the tyvek. Next install window and put the side/top materialonto the side of the window..overlapping the tyvek. Then the top...you slit the tyvek so the top material laps the two sides and onto the sheathing. Then fold the tyvek back down onto the flashing and hold with the tape.

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