Hi Guys

I have a dug well feeding my house a low 5-6gpm using a shallow well jet pump.

I currently have a standard size 5micron sediment filter and a Trojan UV filter.

The problem we have only occurs in the spring and early summer then disappears in the late summer/fall and winter. There is a rotton egg smell (H2S) as well our water tests 0.5ppm clear water Iron and 17grains hard. The smell is stronger on the hot water side but is also present in the cold water as well as I said during the winter no smell is present at all.

I replaced the sediment filter with a 5micron carbon block it and took the smell away for a few weeks then the filter clogged.

I obviously don't have enough flow to back wash many of the filters on the market and do not have thousands to spend on this issue.

I want to install a water softener but want to solve the smell issue before I install the softener.

Would replacing my current standard housing filter with a BB 20" with 5mircon sediment filter feeding another BB 20" housing with a KDF85 cartridge filter then to my softener followed by my UV filter solve this issue?.