Hey everyone, I am been getting some great information by visiting this website. I found it mostly through google searches. I did have a question and I am in Illinois regarding a remodel of a 1.5 story house. On the main floor, my kitchen and the one bathroom there share a wall. The house was currently plumbed with what I believe you call a wet vent were everything is dumped down the main stack. Upstairs there was a toliet and sink only. I am expanding the bathroom and adding a shower(upstairs). I am pretty sure I figured everything out except when it comes to the venting. On the main floor, (correct me if I am wrong) I was going to run a 2" vent for the toliet, bath sink, tub and kitchen sink. My question is once I reach the attic space area I wanted to connect a couple vents before going out the roof. How far can I go horizontally to connect before I go out the roof? Also, the main stack was serving as the only vent before so can I connect to it above the fixture level(2nd floor) to utilize it as a vent? I also have a floor drain in the basement and it was connecting horizontally(first floor vent).