Hey All

First post.

My compliments to everyone who contributes to these forums. Tons of very good info.

We are doing a reno. I wanted LED pot lights but I was told they are too expensive, non dimming and do not provide enough light. We went with 4.5" halogen instead.

Last week I saw dimming MR15 LED replacement bulbs in a lighting store. Tried one and went back for 26 more ($24 each) when I got talking to a nice guy that said it is too bad I have halogen pot lights. He went on to say LED is great technology but I won't get the life span or the efficiency from a LED bulb in a halogen fixture.

One reason is the halogen transformer is not made for LED. He called them drivers. One does amperage and the other voltage. He also said that just 1 Halogen transformer could run 6 to 7 LED bulbs. Essentially 4 or 6 transformers will be "on" in each room when there could be one.

I went back to the electrician.........The wiring can be run to convert over to LED lighting. The wire that runs from the switch to the lights in each room would be run through a junction box. In the future LED transformers can be install into these junction boxes. Since the dimming LED switches are low voltage a control wire will be needed between the junction box and the switch in the room.

What do people think?