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Thread: Best standard height 1.28gpf toilet

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    Default Best standard height 1.28gpf toilet

    Doing a remodel of my bathroom in SoCal, and looking for the best standard 14.5 in rim height - wife is only 5 ft tall, with short (but cute) legs.

    Current rough is 12 in.

    New local greenlaws in SoCal require 1.28 gpf

    Thinking of getting a Toto Eco-Ultramax, but would prefer something with a skirt (like a Toto Carlyle, but its 1.6gpf, so no go)

    Is there a good one out there that meets my wishes?



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    The Carlyle II is 1.28g, but most of those are taller than you want. I'm not intimately familiar with their line...some more research might turn something up.
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    A couple of options on regular-height toilets that meet the SoCal water-efficiency requirements.

    Eco-Drake 1.28 gpf, regular height toilet on 12" rough, CST744E (or ES with Sanagloss coating). But no skirt.

    Aquia II dual-flush 1.6/.9, which should be permitted where you are as it meets the requirements of the Watersense program. Regular height, skirted on 12" rough, washdown flush. CST416M

    The original Ultramax had a skirted sister, the Carlyle, and the Ultramax II has a skirted sister, the Carlyle II. They still make the original Eco-Ultramax, but not its skirted sister, the original Carlyle. They do make a skirted Carlyle II, but it is Universal Height, MS614114CEFG

    Hope this helps.

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