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Thread: Shower leaking behind faucet/wall

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    Default Shower leaking behind faucet/wall

    Ive been trying to manage this leak with my lack of plumbing knowledge. And I dont think its from the diverter. I've taken off the valve covers and removed/examined and tightened the escutcheon. I've taken pictures of my shower, and the leaky spots. I've tinkered with the water pressure with no luck.

    The leak only occurs when the shower is actuated. Both hot and cold sides leak.

    My shower setup: valve stems w/ diverter in spout to push water up shower arm:

    (yes, the cold valve screw is not in place, picture taken during my trouble-shooting)

    The leak, behind the faucet assembly

    Notice the stripped paint and water stain running down wall

    I'm thinking I need to replace the nuts behind the faucet, my faucet assembly is fine?
    To do this I should?:
    Turn off water
    Remove escutcheon and valve stems
    Loosen the house piping from the faucet piping
    Loosen/remove/replace nut , probably just tighten?
    The nuts w/ blue hold the faucet assembly to the wall, it appears.

    Edit: upon further tinkering i noticed the washered nuts w/ blue mineral deposits are loose, started to tighten but space restrictions are hindering me. To get behind the wall I must lean over very far over access wall, so far that my feet are hanging and I'm upside-down. My shoulders barley fit into the access hole, maybe just bigger than a 2'x3' hole.
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