I'm planning a kitchen and powder room remodel. I need to gather all materials by the middle of April. I'm finding researching which toilet to get is much harder than the kitchen stuff due to low number of reviews, large number of models, and probably my priorities.

So I came to the experts. This forum has been recommended several times over at Gardenweb, my usual resource.

We remodeled the full bath last year. While I don't have any issues with performance of the Kohler we installed, I do find the comfort height, well, uncomfortable. My feet don't rest on the floor completely, so I find it uncomfortable to sit on for extended periods.

- must flush well enough to clean the bowl after use, I have never had to brush each time and I don't intend to start (have read about several models having this problem)
- must be comfortable to sit on for 20-30 minutes due to a GI medical issue (within reason, of course, I know it's not a chair)
- standard 12 inch rough in

- dual flush
- skirted
- easy off lid for cleaning, though that can be switched out after if needed
- floor mount

No preference for round/elongated or 1/2 piece models. I'd really prefer to stay below $350, but that's negotiable.

Thoughts/suggestions? We will be installing new glue down cork tiles, so footprint is not important.