I live in a rural setting on an acre . The leach field is about 25 years old works great.
I have and older two small tank system-the first tank in about 500 gallons the second is 200 gallons max. I have it pumped out every 4-5 years as its a small system and their are just two of us using it past 40 years.
Giant cedar tree is 20 feet away and small roots always get between lid and tanks and clog up the works.This is only at the lid connection. I cut them out every time i have tank pumped which is later this week.I shovel cut the roots back a foot or two but is there any product that will slow this root action down. The roots are extremely fine and get into baffles and clog the works. Growing grass is not an issue as dirt and rock layer the top. I thought about rock salt?
I need to slow down the roots near the lid only. Any suggestions?