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Thread: sump pump

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    Default sump pump

    What's the best way to put a cover over my sump hole. I have the plastic lid but I think with water always in the pit it causes to much moisture in the basement.


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    Talking mission impossible

    just get yourself a de-humidifier and forget
    about it....

    you can try a radon type lid if you must attempt it

    but you will never seal that lid good enough to block all
    the moisture

    and even if you could , then you can figure the
    sump pump will break next week and you will have to
    tear it all out and re-do it again...

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    Default sump pump cover

    I just put a cover on mine because it is in my workshop and I didn't want saw dust falling into the pit and ruining my pump. Plus, I have a 2-year-old son that I didn't want falling in. I cut a 21 inch circle out of a scrap plywood with a notch for the pipe. Then I cut a 5x8 hole out of the middle and put plexy glass over it. That way I could keep track of the water level inside. The whole project cost me $3.00 (for the plexy glass) and took about 20 minutes to complete. It works fine so far.


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